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Our mission is to deliver technological solutions that can facilitate sustainable development.

Extreme Electronics Co. Ltd.

Extreme Electronics Co. Ltd. is the design and electronics technology arm of the group. The company is actively working in the design and production of various modules and subsystems used in the production of electrical home appliances (such as air coolers, fridges and washing machines) and renewable energy systems (such as energy storage systems and solar power electronic devices). We have setup a general purpose assembly line to support the delivery of small-size batches of our products while outsourcing the large quantities from the relevant service providers. EECL is also working in the field of software and games development and has several games already in the market.

Extreme Technologies Co. Ltd.

This company is focused on the field of energy solutions with special focus on renewable energy. The company designs and delivers renewable energy solutions for the applications in rural development, remote health systems and energy backup. With the focus on the markets in the developing countries, ETCO managed to deliver solutions to Sudan, South Sudan and Chad.

Extreme Food Co.

This subsidiary is working in the field of agriculture production with focus on horticulture, aquaculture, animal breeding and poultry. The company is successfully running several projects in these fields including a horticulture farm in Gadarif, an aquaculture farm on the White Nile in Khartoum state as well animal breeding and poultry farm in Gazira state. EFCO is also taking part in exporting some of the Sudanese agricultural, animal and forestry products to the whole world either directly or through regional different partnerships.

Extreme Technologies FZE LLC

ETFZE is focused on facilitating the trade efforts of the group in addition to providing professional business consultancy services. Being incorporated in the United Arab Emirates, ETFZE is utilizing UAE’s strategic business ecosystem to help the other subsidiaries of ETHG in conducting international business. The company is running several business consultancy contracts in the region as well as having a good connection with the international players in the business consultancy sector. Moreover, the company is actively establishing its e-commerce platform that will focus on promoting the Sudanese and regional products to the world.

ETSS Technologies

This subsidiary is the support arm in the group. ETSS performs technical assessment of the group’s projects, provides professional evaluation of project scenarios, supervise EPC projects for the group’s establishments. Additionally, ETSS performs technical installations and after sales services on behalf of the other subsidiaries of the group. The scope of ETSS extends to service delivery to telecom network providers and aerospace systems integration.

Classic Ateliers

This is the subsidiary of ETHG that is specialized in the textile and garment production with an active presence in Sudan and Ethiopia. CA is running its in-house fashion design unit that support its operations in the two countries using its brand as well as providing the services to third parties.

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